Sunday, January 10, 2021

2021 Pages Read Challenge

     While I’m participating in a number of challenges that shows how many books you’ve read, I am joining as well the Pages Read challenge, which is hosted by Gina @ Book Dragon’s Lair. Gina does not seem to post any more or is having a break, but I still like this challenge and would like to continue with it just for my own statistics. According to this challenge you are judged by the number of pages you read.

Bonsai - Read 12,000 pages
Shrub - Read 24,000 pages
Dwarf Peach - Read 36,000 pages
Apple Tree - Read  48,000 pages
Oak - Read 60,000 pages
Douglas Fir - Read 72,000 pages
Sequoia - Read 84,000 pages
Redwood - Read 84,001+ pages

Dwarf Peach (36,000 pages) is a nice deal, but I will set my goal to 24,000 (Shrub) again this year.  In 2020 I have read only 26562 pages, so no point to add pressure to my reading.

Read Your Bookshelf – Reading Challenge 2021

This fun yearly challenge is hosted by Chantel from An Intentional Life
         This challenge is about reducing the number of unread books on your shelves. Here are some prompts for each month to make it more interesting and challenging. 

        You can watch the announcement video for info on what the prompts are for each month, Chantel also suggests two books recommendation as well as the book she would read for that prompt.

Let’s get into the challenges for each month!

a “home-ish” word in the title

red on the cover or spine

recommended by a friend

five or more words in the title

a book you should have read before graduating high school

an animal on the cover

a book that starts with the first letter of your first name

a book in a series

a translated book

set in a different country than your own

has a night scene on the cover

a winter scene on the cover