Russian Literature

This lovely challenge is held by Keely from ACHAEMENIDS. Just check this blog, it has so much
information and list of works from which you can choose.

Like with many challenges there will be four levels ( they are named after Keely's favorite Russian writers):

    Level One (Tolstoy): 1-3 books
    Level Two (Chekov): 4-6 books
    Level Three (Dostoevsky): 7-11 books
    Level Four (Turgenev): 12+ books

I would go for Turgenev level this year, I am not sure if I would be able though, but I have a huge list of books I want to read. If I do not finish it this year I will definitely continue in 2018.
In my list I have mostly classics from  19th century with some exceptions.  Participation in this challenge is the first step. It will eventually lead me in the future to Russian modern writers and namely the Russian Booker Prize winners and nominees.

1.      Dostoevesky, Fyodor: The Brothers Karamazov (1879-80)
2.      Dostoevesky, Fyodor: The Idiot (1868–69)
3.      Dostoevsky, Fyodor: Demons (1871–72)
4.      Goncharov, Ivan: Oblomov (1859)
5.      Goncharov, Ivan: The Common Story (1847)
6.      Goncharov, Ivan: The Precipice (1869)
7.      Grin, Aleksandr: Jessie and Morgiana (1929)
8.      Grin, Aleksandr: Scarlet Sails (1923),
9.      Grin, Aleksandr: She Who Runs on the Waves (1928)
10.    Grin, Aleksandr: The Golden Chain (1925),
11.    Grin, Aleksandr: The Shining World (1923)
12.    Grin, Aleksandr:The Road to Nowhere (1930)
13.    Ilya Ilf and Yevgeni Petrov: The Little Golden Calf (1931)
14.    Ilya Ilf and Yevgeni Petrov: The Twelve Chairs (1928)
15.    Kaverin, Veniamin: The Two Captains (1944)
16.    Obruchev, Vladimir: Sannikov Land (1924)
17.    Ostrovsky, Alexander: The Snow Maiden (plays)
18.    Ostrovsky, Alexander: The Storm
19.    Ostrovsky, Alexander: Without a Dowry
20.    Pasternak, Boris: Doctor Zhivago (1957)
21.    Pushkin, Alexander: Tales of Belkin (1831)
22.    Pushkin, Alexander: The Captain's Daughter (1836)
23.    Tolstoy, Aleksey: Peter I (1929–34)
24.    Tolstoy, Aleksey: The Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin (aka The Garin Death Ray) (1926)
25.    Tolstoy, Leo: Anna Karenina (1873-77)
26.    Turgenev, Ivan: A Sportsman's Sketches (1852)
27.    Turgenev, Ivan: First Love, Asya, King Lear of the Steppes (short stories)
28.    Turgenev, Ivan: Rudin, (1856)
29.    Turgenev, Ivan: Home of the Gentry (1859)
30.    Zamyatin, Yevgeny: We (1921)

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