Monday, July 18, 2016

PopSugar Reading Challenge 2016

I have decided to add one more challenge for this year. I came across it in this blog Much Ado About Books and thought why not. The list is not so strict and it has some challenging propositions for me like: a political memoir, or a book of poetry, or a self -improvement book. That is actually not quite my cup of tea, but after all it can be an interesting journey.
Some of the criteria are a bit funny: a book with a blue cover, or a book recommended by someone you just met, or a book that's guaranteed to bring joy)) that point I will leave for the last as I have no clue what book I should choose. Most probably I will have to ask for help the reading society))

Frankly speaking it is quite difficult for me to keep up with the challenge as this is the first one for me. So I need to be frank to myself and include the book that I really read this year only. It is so many books from last year I can fit in, but...
Anyway I am officially joining PopSugar Reading Challenge 2016 and will try to update the progress. #popsugarreadingchallenge

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