Monday, October 17, 2016

Quote of the day #1

Catriona by R.L. Stevenson
Alan Breck Stewart to David Balfour:

Statue of Alan Stewart and David Balfour in Edinburgh

"Them that cannae tell the truth," he observed to myself as we went on again, "should be aye mindful to leave an honest, handy lee behind them. If folk dinnae ken what ye're doing, Davie, they're terrible taken up with it; but if they think they ken, they care nae mair for it than what I do for pease porridge". 

      That is funny truth in the statement from Stevenson's book. How many times I was compelled not to tell truth about myself. There was nothing sinister in my motives. It might be variety of reasons: I really dislike the person, I was introduced to; I really do not trust the person anymore and do not want to share anything with them; or I am just terribly tired of the small talk with unfamiliar people. You know how it is: What is your name? Where are you from? Why did you come here? Are you single? What do you do? And so on and so forth for one thousand times. I get sick and bored of those talks sometimes.  
      Naturally, this is part of communication culture and how you get to know a new person without asking and answering? But in most of the cases this questionnaire just remains small talk, the one you have been through millions of times. So sometimes I wonder if I add something peculiar and unexpected about my live story, how it will turn out: will it come back to me one day in the form of a stupid gossip or will the person be satisfied with the answer and settled with what he thinks my character is, as it is suggested by Stevenson.

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