Monday, November 21, 2016

Portuguese authours

        I have just returned from the short trip to Portugal and was enchanted by the country. There is such a unique atmosphere there and style.
       Unfortunately, you cannot say that Portugal is now on its peak and you see some decay. The old buildings are not always being cared properly for and you might see spectacular architectural piece with peeling off plaster. But I hope this is a transitional stage and a heritage of the once most influential country in the world will be take care of.
      But another question rose in my head while going along crooked streets. What I actually know about the literary situation in Portugal? Yes, I am aware of some historical facts and prominent discoverers and scientist, but I cannot recall any Portuguese author I have heard about. That seems a little frightening as I am trying to read a lot of different literature from around the world and this turned out to be the huge flop.
       So one of my tasks for the next year will be finding out more about the Portuguese literature and read and least 2 books.

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