Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Hornet's Nest by Patricia Cornwell

Author: Patricia Cornwell
Original title: Hornet's Nest
Edition Language: English
Series:Andy Brazil, #1
Genres: Crime
Format: Audio book
Read by: Kate Reading
Duration: 12h41m

     Andy Brazil, an ambitious younger reporter for The Charlotte Observer and an eager - sometimes too eager-volunteer cop; Police Chief Judy Hammer, the professionally strong yet personally troubled guardian of Charlotte's law and order; and her deputy chief, Virginia West, a genuine head-turner who is married to her job. To walk the beat with Hammer, West, and Brazil is to learn the inner secrets of police work - the tension and the tedium, the hilarity and the heartbreak, the unexpected pump of adrenaline and the rush of courage that can lead to heroics ... or death.
My thoughts:
    I accidentally came across this author and that book. I cannot say it is a good one, but I was rather amused by it. It had its funny parts, but most of the time it was confusing: random side characters without particular purpose, in depth descriptions irrelevant to plot development, random behavior the of main characters, plot holes. The worst part was when the narration switched to the cat's point of view and it was trying to tell its owner the message from the universe! The crime part and investigation were not engaging at all, and the ending abrupt and dissatisfying.
    What was appealing are the two main lead female characters. Strong, independent and work driven. But the rest of the book was bleak and dull, though I must admit that I was laughing at some passages of the book.

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