Friday, May 18, 2018

Dr. March's Four Sons by Brigitte Aubert

Author: Brigitte Aubert
Original title: Les Quatre Fils du Dr. March
Pages: 240
Edition Language: Russian
Series: no
Format: e-book
Genres: Crime

   "Les 4 Fils du Dr. March" involves an assassin who kills women for the sport of it. The murderer is one of 4 sons, and he writes his diary in the 3rd person so that anyone who might read it won't know which one of the sons is the murderer. Jeanie, the maid happens to find the diary one day and begins to read it. She also starts to write diary entries of her own, and trying to find out which of the four sons is the murderer.
My thoughts: 
     The entire mystery consists of alternating journal entries from the assassin, who learns Jeanie is reading his journal, and Jeanie. I am not certain about my feelings about this book. I was recommended this book as a great mystery/thriller, but I was not mystified or thrilled. Though, to be honest, I did not guess the killer and the mystery was there, I could not feel the atmosphere of the book. 
     Jeanie is the unsympathetic unreliable narrator who drinks a lot and has a previous conviction. All four brothers seem quite nice and respectable. So it is difficult to sympathize Jeanie and root for her in her investigation. The murder descriptions are gruesome, but seems a bit forced, so altogether I was not impressed by the book, though the ending was ok.

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