Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Son by Jo Nesbo

Author: Jo Nesbo
Original title: The Sun
Pages: 522 
Edition Language: Russian
Series: no 
Format: Paperback 
Genres: Thriller, Mystery  

Sonny Lofthus, in his early thirties, has been in prison for the last dozen years: serving time for crimes he didn't commit. In exchange, he gets an uninterrupted supply of heroin—and the unexpected stream of fellow prisoners seeking out his uncanny abilities to soothe and absolve.  When Sonny learns some long-hidden truths about his father he makes a brilliant escape, and begins hunting down the people responsible for the hideous crimes he's paid for. But he's also being hunted, by the Twin, the cops, and the only person who knows the ultimate truth that Sonny is seeking. 

My thoughts:

     The Son is a stand-alone book that centers around protagonist Sonny Lofthus, a convicted murderer and heroin addict. We find Sonny in prison and the reader quickly learns that he is in jail for crimes he has not committed. He confesses to a murder and in exchange he is supplied a steady stream of needle drugs.     
    Whenever I read a Jo Nesbo book, it has some great, thrilling parts and some interesting plot twists. But, it also has some slower parts and places. I wouldn't say it's a bad book by any means, but, the overall plot about the mole, drug trade, and corruption was kind of confusing and sometimes boring.  Nesbo is always capable of producing a good book, The Son was not an exception, but it is definitely not his best book.
     The greatest advantage of the novel are the characters. They are so good written that I have a feeling that they are people I know: I can easily picture everyone in my mind and see their motivation and desires. The plot itself is however did not impressed me. And the ending was not Nesbo's style at all. I was confused and a bit disappointed.
     A good mystery / thriller on the surface, The Son works on various levels: it deals with he morality of good and bad, revenge, justice and forgiveness. But above all it is dealing with the idea of finding piece of mind and balance in the cruel and unjust world and this leaves the reader with much to ponder in this enjoyable and well written story.


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