Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Black Tulip by Alexandre Dumas

Author: Alexandre Dumas
Original title: La tulipe noire
Pages: 349
Edition Language: Russian
Series: no 
Format: Paperback 
Genres: Classics, Historical Fiction

    A deceptively simple story and the shortest of Dumas's most famous novels, The Black Tulip (1850) weaves historical events surrounding a brutal murder into a tale of romantic love. Set in Holland in 1672, this timeless political allegory draws on the violence and crimes of history, making a case against tyranny and creating a symbol of justice and tolerance: the fateful tulipa negra.

My thoughts: 
      It was a re-read for me. The shortest novel by Dumas and a great story of love. If you survive the first chapters of brutal bloodbath that set the plot in Holland in 1670s you will then follow the touching and innocent love of two young people and the overwhelming and brutal struggle over such a small but great phenomenon as the Black Tulip. Sometimes it sounds like a joke -  a whole book about one particular flower, and still it is so full of action, emotional strain and strong feelings. Dumas's descriptive style pictures the nature, style and manners; and while following the story of two beloved, we see the clear picture of the land and people at that time.

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