Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Dogheaders by Alexej Marvin/ Псоглавцы by Алексей Маврин

Author: Alexej Marvin
Original title: Псоглавцы
Pages: 348
Edition Language: Russian
Series: Дэнжерологи #1/Dangerolog 1
Format: Hardback
Genres: Thriller, Mystery

     This is a book about so called dangerologs, people who are dealing with dangerous wonders of world culture.
    A village in the middle of nowhere with a decaying culture and population. Three bloggers are chosen and sent to take off the wall painting in an abandon church.  On a wall painting is a picture of Saint Christopher, which is traditionally painted with a dog's head. Their task is not only to take off the painting, but to watch and record the people's reaction to it, as the village has many secrets.

My thoughts: 
       The synopsis was very intriguing and I even enjoyed the first quarter of the book, but then it went down hill. One of the main characters was trying to "reveal" the mystery behind Dogheaders and was going through internet pages: so the great a majority of the book felt like a Wikipedia page and I could clearly see some of the attempted of the author to make it more "digestible". So some suspense interlaced with Wiki pages was not doing it for me. And all the characters in the book were quite unsympathetic, so I could not even enjoy character development.
     The positive thing though is the description of the village and its population. It is so vivid and detailed that you can feel the hopelessness and depression; actually it is so good that it is terrifying.

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