Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Unmade Bed by Françoise Sagan

Author: Françoise Sagan
Original title: Le lit défait
Pages: 318
Edition Language: Russian
Series: no
Format: Paperback
Genres: Contemporary

      Five years earlier the beautiful actress Beatrice Valmont had broken awkward insurance broker Edouard Maligrasse's heart. Now he is an acclaimed young playwright whose star is in the ascendant and suddenly she is attracted to him.

My thoughts:
      I have mixed feelings for this book. I tried not to dislike it, but I did. I have the appeal for the author' style: the description of the feelings she has done, how the characters were evolving in their emotions. They were very exceptional characters with special personalities and their peculiar relationship between each other, which was sad and unfair. But I did not like the the personalities of the main characters. Their motivations, passions and desires are so alien to me, that I could not feel anything for them: no sympathy, no irritation, no connection.
       If you like stories about the dissolute way of life of artistic Bohemia you might be interested in the book as it is written beautifully. I am, however, was not impressed by the Beatrice 's attitude to adultery  and relationship all together. Edouard did not strike me as a strong personality: a week, whining soul whose only purpose of existence is a woman. It sounds romantic, but I was actually repelled by this idea.
      On the whole, I must admit that I liked the way the book was executed, it is very atmospheric; but did not favor the content and plot, I was really expecting that it would end with the death of one of the characters. Nope, did not happen.

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