Friday, April 21, 2017

Tome Topple Readathon Wrap Up

The whole point of this readathon is to read big books (over 500 pages). You don't even need to read a lot of them. You don't even need to finish one. The point is that we are all reading those big daunting books at the same time and supporting each other.  Tome Topple Readathon Goodread group. All books read need to be over 500 pages! That's the only "rule".
         Yes, I must admin that I overrated my reading abilities. But I got a couple of points for me for future readathons:
1. I am not able to read a classic book together with some lighter books - every time I tried the classic book was waiting till I finish the other book.
2. Reading 2 or more classic books in one readathon turned out impossible for me.

     The biggest failure is Anna Karenina, which was a target book for this readathon, I have only managed to read around 30 pages before the time was up. But anyway, I managed to finish 3 books:

1. Oblomov by Ivan Goncharov p.634
2. Police by Jo Nesbø p.636
3. The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer p.520
4. and I am in the middle (p. 230) of Blankets by Craig Thompson

     The biggest challenge was Oblomov which does not have any pace at all. It takes him around 150 pages just to get out of the bed, so you got the picture. I have a suspicion that if I would start with Anna Karenina from the beginning, it might be a different situation here.
     Altogether I read 2020 pages, 3 out of 6 expected books, which I can consider a success. Anyway, it was quite a nice experience and I hope to participate in the next round when it will be on.

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