Monday, January 2, 2017

Goodreads summary 2016

Happy New Year to everyone!!
Holidays have passed and it is time to sum up 2016.
        I would not count my failure in goals and challenges as failure since this is my first year blogging and I might missed a lot of deadlines but I am learning))
       Anyway, Goodreads already prepared a standard yearly summary and I think now’s the time to share it with you since I think that’s pretty much my reading year in the nutshell. This is quite a good overview for me since I was going to set new 2017 goals and, frankly speaking, I overestimated myself. That graphs down below puts me back on earth.
       As for 2016 Reading challenge, I must confess that I did not know that I can set the number of book myself and went with the default one of 30. So my reading was rather relaxed. Only late in November I realized that I can adjust it and increased it a little, which was wrong, as this way I did not complete the challenge. 

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