Monday, January 23, 2017

The Phantom by Jo Nesbø

Author:  Jo Nesbø
Original title: Gjenferd 

Edition Language: English
Series: Harry Hole #9
Genres: Crime, Mystery, Fiction, Thriller

Format: Audio book
Read by: Sean Barrett
Duration: 14h53m

     At the conclusion of the last book in this series, The Leopard, Harry Hole, no longer on the Oslo police force, retreated to Hong Kong where he built a new life. But three years later, his past calls him home. Oleg, the son of his former lover, Rakel, has been arrested for allegedly killing a drug dealer who was also his friend and the foster brother of the young woman that Oleg loved. The evidence seems incontrovertible, but Harry comes back to Norway in an effort to prove that Oleg is not guilty and to find the real killer.

My thoughts: 
     Really, really good. Really, really sad. For me personally, it was heartbreaking.
      Harry is back to Oslo, but he is not a policeman anymore, and that feels quite new. He is on the edge of losing his law-abiding qualities and joining the Jack Reacher-Rambo team. He acquires a macho, hard-boiled, brutal style and I am not sure I like it on him, but I guess he grew up from detective uniform. Without the power of the police force behind him, Harry faces a serious uphill struggle to solve the mystery.
      I don't think I can write a review without spoiling the whole thing. Not much can be said about the plot development without spoilers, but as usual it is fantastic. The story kept me on the edge of the seat. I was truly searching more time to finish one more chapter. I do not know where Nesbø takes his ideas, but it is always rocking. I would not say that the ideas so much unique, but the way he tells his stories! Splendid!
     In this book a new for this series topic is covered: drug trafficking, shadowy world of drugs, criminal gangs and corrupted police and politicians. I am not fan of this topic, but it was a nice change from all the serial killing we face in previous books. Of course the corrupted police topic is not new, but it is clearly visible in this book the rise of a new villain, whom Harry will face in the next books of the series. But though it is exceptionally good book, it is not one of the best in this series.
      It was also very interesting to discover how Oleg character developed during Hole's absence. How his relationship with Harry suffered and what in the end brought towards a shocking finale. After finishing this book, I felt so broken hearted, sad and devastated.  

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