Wednesday, January 4, 2017

T5W, January 4, 2017 Goals

This weekly book meme officiated in November 2013. Every week there is a new topic and your list of 5 nominates will be based off this topic. For further information check out the Goodreads Page.

The theme this week is: 2017 Goals 

I deliberately trying to avoided making definitive reading plans knowing that a lot of changes are expecting me this year and do not want look miserable at the end of the year. Instead I opt for something more general thinking it will give me more flexibility and increase the chances of success.

Bookish goals: 
1. Try to read at least 50 books and watch 80 movies during the year
2. Read 50% of the books I currently own. Thus come number 3
3. Reorganize my books, create catalog, and separate the "already read" pile from the rest
4. Set up 3 projects (the idea I shamelessly steal from one of my favorite blogger Booker Talk): the Booker prize project, Classics project and Literature of the World Project. This I consider not 2017 goal but almost lifelong goals)))
5. Participate at least in 3 massive reading challenges (I have not decided yet, but have some ideas: POPSUGAR Reading Challenge, Pages Read 2017, Goodreads, Retellings Reading Challenge 2017, 2017 Audiobook Challenge, The World From My Armchair Challenge, Russian Literature Reading Challenge 2017 2017 Victorian Reading Challenge)  

Blogging goals:
1. Create a good schedule and hold on to it: at least 2 posts per week
2. Blog ahead - most of the memes can be done in advance, so I need to set certain time for this to be done.
3. At least 2 book related posts on Instagram per week.
4. Write at least SHORT review on every book read, movie watched and theater visited.
5. Comment more on other blogs – let’s face it, not very easy task, but will try.


  1. I like that you've included movies here too. I'm so behind current movies and TV shows, I simply can't find time for them.

    50% of owned books... I really hope your list is waaaaay shorter than mine because that would be more than a year-long readalong :P

    1. Luckily or sadly I do not have much space for books at home; I do not really own many.
      As for movies, there is quite a lot going on in cinemas. It will be a shame just close on books and do not enjoy the other areas of life)))