Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Accidental by Ali Smith

Author: Ali Smith
Original title: The Accidental
Pages: 336
Edition Language: Russian
Series: no
Format: e-book
Genres: Contemporary

    Amber—thirtysomething and barefoot—shows up at the door of the Norfolk cottage that the Smarts are renting for the summer. She talks her way in. She tells nothing but lies. She stays for dinner.

My thoughts: 
      I really do not know... This is my second book by Ali Smith and again I am not impressed. I did not DNF it only because I was hoping there would be some logical closure or reveal of deeper level, but nothing extraordinary came up. Either I did not grow up enough for this kind of literature or Ali Smith is just not my type of writer.
   The book is essentially about the mysterious Amber, who gets into the life of of Smarts and make them doubt everything they are so confident about. This doubt, together with hope that Amber has a better understanding of life messes with their minds and strangely enough pulls the family back together. This all makes the Mrs Smart a better person, a truer person, an Amber in some other family.
    The story line is great, but the writing style does not sit well with me. I would say I "enjoyed" it more than Hotel World, but Ali's books would not be my first choice.  


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