Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

Author: Ruth Ware
Original title: The Woman in Cabin 10
Edition Language: English
Series: no
Genres: Mystery
Format: Audio book
Read by: Imogen Church
Duration: 11h08m

   Lo Blacklock, a journalist who writes for a travel magazine, has just been given the assignment of a lifetime: a week on a luxury cruise with only a handful of cabins. The sky is clear, the waters calm, and the veneered, select guests jovial as the exclusive cruise ship, the Aurora, begins her voyage in the picturesque North Sea. At first, Lo s stay is nothing but pleasant: the cabins are plush, the dinner parties are sparkling, and the guests are elegant. But as the week wears on, frigid winds whip the deck, gray skies fall, and Lo witnesses what she can only describe as a dark and terrifying nightmare: a woman being thrown overboard. The problem? All passengers remain accounted for and so, the ship sails on as if nothing has happened, despite Lo's desperate attempts to convey that something (or someone) has gone terribly, terribly wrong.
My thoughts:
     This book is another proof why I should dive into the book without any idea about its popularity and liking of others. It was too hyped and my expectations were high and I was disappointed when I finished with the mediocre mystery story with another unreliable narrator with some mental issues.
   My biggest disliking was the actually the narrator. The writer went into great details to portrait the main character's mental health issues and her instability and why we should not trust her. I have nothing against; it is always good to read a book from the more diverse point of view, but I do not like when the main character behaves like an idiot and makes stupid assumptions, which should not be done by a journalist.
     Example: Lo suspects that she saw a crime on a luxury liner, in closed environment she decides to lead investigation of what happened and  her primary suspect are the passengers. I do not see the logic here, usually the crew have access almost everywhere, someone has the master key, that can be stolen and used in the crime, but no!, the most logical way is to suspect the guests like herself, who do not have access anywhere and are not familiar with the ship. From this point I was not taking this book seriously and could not enjoyed the unveiling of the mystery.

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