Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Waif of the "Cynthia" by André Laurie and Jules Verne

Author: André Laurie and Jules Verne
Original title: L'Épave du Cynthia
Pages: 432
Edition Language: Russian
Series: no
Format: e-book
Genres: Adventure, Mystery

   1886 novel by Andre Laurie and Jules Gabriel Verne. A novel about a young man's search for his identity leads him through Verne's 5th novel of Arctic exploration.
My thoughts: 
      One of my childhood favorites. The Scandinavian setting of this novel was unusual and quite refreshing. The plot revolved around a dark-haired boy called Erik in a family of blond Norwegians. He was discovered by them in the sea as a baby tied to a ship's buoy. The plot concerns Erik's efforts to chase round the world trying to track down a sailor who supposedly knows the secret of his abandonment. We follow Eric’s life from his childhood: all his struggles in finding his own identity as he has no roots. It was a nice coming of age story, but still I liked more the adventurous part of the novel. It was a great sea journey that I followed with a map open, marking their route and places visited. It is true that everything comes together rather conveniently at the end, but I could not ask more from a teen adventurous story. 


  1. Fun! I've read several Jules Verne novels, but was not aware of this one. And I love that you used to read it with an open map beside you. :D

  2. Thank you. Actually Jules Verne is my youth author. Which were you favourite?

  3. I was really into fantasy books by Elizabeth Boyer and Terry Brooks, and science fiction by Heinlein. I loved Lois Duncan's mysteries. And, of course, ALL the Oz books. :)