Monday, February 4, 2019

2019 Pages Read Challenge

    While I’m participating in a number of challenges that shows how many books you’ve read, I am joining as well the Pages Read challenge, which is hosted by Gina @ Book Dragon’s Lair. According to this challenge you are judged by the number of pages you read.

Bonsai - Read 12,000 pages
Shrub - Read 24,000 pages
Dwarf Peach - Read 36,000 pages
Apple Tree - Read  48,000 pages
Oak - Read 60,000 pages
Douglas Fir - Read 72,000 pages
Sequoia - Read 84,000 pages
Redwood - Read 84,001+ pages

Dwarf Peach (36,000 pages) is a nice deal, but I will set my goal to 24,000 (Shrub) since I am also going to participate the 2019 Audiobook Challenge.


  1. good luck! Sounds like a good goal. That's about what I usually read/year, except my pathetic 2018 year. So that's about 65 pages/day. Like you, I listen to audiobooks. Usually an average of 30 minutes/day:

  2. Thank you. 2018 was the best reading year so far. I hope I will keep up and even improve in 2019.